Process of Inquiry Workshop

Process of Inquiry Workshop with Karen Atkinson

MindfulnessUK is a Member of the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches.

Workshop Overview

The intention of this day is to explore the process of Inquiry when teaching Mindfulness to individuals, organisations and groups. The workshop aims to support participants to:

  • Explore and Investigate the model of Inquiry
  • Develop a deeper understanding of the process of inquiry
  • Deepen their own practice and self-enquiry through experiential learning in triads
  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of best practice for Mindfulness teachers

Workshop Facilitator:      

Karen Atkinson is Senior Partner and co-founder of MindfulnessUK, an international teacher and trainer of mindfulness and compassion skills and practices and a Bangor-trained Supervisor of mindfulness teachers. Karen has over 18 years’ experience of Teaching Mindfulness in both clinical and organisational settings.  Read more about Karen http://mindfulness-uk.local/our-team

Who is it for?

We welcome Mindfulness Teachers, Practitioners and Trainees who have trained or are currently training in mindfulness-based approaches (through any pathway/apprenticeship routes) and those who already teach and want to develop their skills further.

What is the format for the workshop?

This practical and experiential workshop explores Karen's model of Compassionate Mindful Inquiry and consists of a blended learning approach of teaching, small group discussion, experiential learning and mindfulness practices.