Our Team

Karen Atkinson
Karen is the Senior Partner and Co-Founder of MindfulnessUK, Author, Convenor of the British Association of Mindfulness-based Approaches (BAMBA), a teacher and trainer of mindfulness and compassion skills and practices, and a Bangor-trained Supervisor of mindfulness teachers.
Having spent her childhood in Australia, she moved to the UK and gained a Degree in Nursing Studies and RGN in London. Her interest in additional therapies started very early in her career as she witnessed first-hand the impact a holistic approach has on well-being and the happiness of patients and clients. Always practical and action focused Karen has been teaching mindful movement and meditation for 30 years, having trained in a variety of ways, including a course with Breathworks, and is a member of the British Wheel of Yoga. Karen quickly deepened her own understanding and mindfulness practice beginning to teach others over 20 years ago. She is an extremely experienced, well-trained Mindfulness teacher with a warm, intuitive, friendly and professional manner who is highly respected in her field. Karen is a valued member of the teaching faculty at YogaCampus in London, has published many articles on Mindfulness, presents at professional conferences and is the author of "Compassionate Mindful Inquiry". Her own practical dedication and belief in a mindful approach to life played a large part in her recovery when she faced cancer, soon after setting up MindfulnessUK. She embeds mindful practice into her everyday life and fulfils the Good Practice Guidelines. Bringing this enhanced enjoyment of life to as many people as possible is the mission she has set for her company. She has taught over 94 of the Gold Standard 8-week MBSR programme so far and is now offering this Teacher Training programme too. However it is fair to say that she takes the greatest pride in having used her unique position to develop and deliver a ground-breaking qualification, the first of its’ kind in the market. The Level 4 Certificate “Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion in Professional Practice” enables others to offer these transformative practices and skills to either individuals or groups. This enables effective mindfulness practices to be more widely enjoyed and supports the MindfulnessUK goal to bring about enhanced joy and ease to others.
Angie Ward
Angie Ward is Head of Teacher Training at MindfulnessUK.  Angie’s career in Health and Social Care spans over 20 years, beginning as a Matron in a special school in 1989 before working with people in social care and  children’s and mental health charities. She started to teach at Somerset College in 2001 where she gained a Certificate in Education.
She lectured in Health and Social Care and then specialised in developing and delivering staff training and CPD for equality, diversity and Special Educational Needs (SEN.)Angie has benefited from regular meditation for many years and qualified as a Mindfulness Teacher with MindfulnessUK before become a Course Tutor, delivering the MindfulnessUK Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion Qualification, accredited at level 4 with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB.)  Angie now manages the development of the qualification and trains new tutors. Angie also teaches the 8 week Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Programme, offers one to one Mindfulness for children, young people and parents/ parent carers and leads the partnership projects with the Mental Health Foundation.  Angie develops and delivers Mindfulness and Compassion Programmes in Education, Health and Social Care for Teaching & Support Staff, Children and Young People.
Stephanie Unthank

Stephanie Unthank is one of the three Directors of MindfulnessUK@work. She is a qualified and registered Mindfulness Teacher listed on BAMBA and has been teaching and teacher training Mindfulness and coaching more broadly on wellness to individuals,

in education and in the corporate space for 3 years.

Prior to her change of career, Steph worked in the Corporate Banking Sector for 18 years in various managerial rolls across the UK. She teaches the MBSR online as well as the MBSR and IMC Teacher Training and is also a trained Mindfulness Supervisor.

Vera Dubrovina
Vera’s interest in yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices started back in 1992 in the former Soviet Union in an attempt to improve her health and take the family tradition of healing into the new direction.
However, hard choices needed to be made when her country (U.S.S.R) ceased to exist - Vera arrived in the British Isles to study Finance and Economics. Having progressed to an MSc in Economics and Finance, Vera started to work in the world of Finance, whilst keeping alive her interest in the practice of yoga and meditation. Yoga and meditation has allowed Vera to remain healthy, focused and sane through a 20-year career in financial services, where she held a number of leadership positions as COO/Head of Business Management at top financial organisations such as UBS, Barclays and HSBC. She saw and dealt first-hand with the enormous pressures and stress of a high-powered job and decided to leave the city in 2017 and switch to a new career as yoga therapist and mindfulness teacher. Vera holds many teaching Diplomas across the well-being discipline but is particularly passionate to bring mindfulness into the corporate space by working with groups and individuals to help people to improve well-being, reduce stress, anxiety and aid relaxation. To help before the pressure becomes too overpowering and leads to more serious issues at physical, emotional and mental levels. Whilst doing her Yoga Therapy Diploma training in 2014, Vera met Karen as one of the faculty teachers. Through attending courses led by Karen and with daily practice, a mindfulness revolution took over all aspects of Vera’s life and it changed her as a teacher, therapist and woman. In 2018, Vera has joined in partnership with Karen and Julia to form MindfulnessUK@Work and feels excited with the challenges and opportunities that this path can present.
Anna Elliott
Anna has worked in the social care sector since 1989 qualifying as a social worker in 1992. She has many years’ experience working in the statutory and voluntary sector with young people and families.
Having practiced yoga and meditation for many years for her own health and wellbeing she qualified as a yoga teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga in 2013 and runs weekly classes at Mindfulness UK. Anna graduated from the Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion Course in 2016 and completed the MBSR Teacher Training in 2019 registering as a Mindfulness Teacher with Bamba in 2020. Anna completed her Masters in Professional Development in 2017 with a focus on the importance of Reflective Supervision and Mindful Leadership in Social Care as tools for building resilience and compassion in social work practice. She has taught mindfulness and resilience courses to a range of professionals including social workers, foster carers, residential care staff and students.  Anna is leading the training and development of the Compassionate Mindful Resilience (CRM) Programme. Anna is also a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at University of West of England and is passionate about the role Mindfulness can play in wellbeing , building resilience and combating compassion fatigue in social work.
Anna Taylor
Anna discovered yoga and meditation 20 years ago whilst working in the charity sector. She found both offered her the space and tools she needed to feel grounded, calm and balanced in the middle of the busy demands of life.
For the last 10 years she has enjoyed passing these tools on to others - initially through teaching yoga, then as a yoga therapist and mindfulness & self-compassion instructor. Anna is based in London and offers both classes, courses and one-to-one sessions to clients, as well as workplace wellbeing sessions to companies.
Having undertaken both the Integrated Mindfulness & Compassion into Professional Practice (IMCPP)and the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training with Mindfulness UK, she is delighted to now be an Associate Tutor for Mindfulness UK, delivering the IMCPP in Cambridge.
Debbie Fry
Debbie is a qualified teacher with MindfulnessUK. She is trained to deliver the 8 week Mindfulness- Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course. Debbie also delivers the Minding Your Health Wellbeing Programme for teaching and support staff, children and young people.
35 years ago Debbie was introduced to meditation practices by her father, since then she has always been interested in exploring practices that cultivate awareness and support wellbeing. Debbie's teaching style is friendly, intuitive and grounded with kindness and compassion. Debbie has more than 20 years' experience working in education as a teacher, learning director and a special educational needs co-ordinator. She has worked in schools across the world including the UK, Spain, Japan and Hong Kong. In 2015 Debbie completed a Masters of Arts in Education degree with a focus on leadership and management. Debbie has a wealth of experience of teaching Mindfulness to children at primary schools, and introducing it to staff and parents.
Dawn Lister
Dawn is the Consultant Tutor for the Integrating Mindfulness and Compassion (IMC) Qualification at Anahata, The Heart of Therapies, Yoga Studio  In Leigh on Sea, Essex. Dawn has been in the wellbeing world for 27 years.
She first encountered yoga and meditation in her home town of Edinburgh in her late teens, she became involved with Buddhism and found the mindfulness-based practises helped her cope with life's challenges, at the same time bringing more fun and pleasure to life. Dawn was later asked to teach for the Buddhist school she was a student of and along with her secular teaching of mindfulness, meditation and yoga she taught groups, courses, retreats, in businesses, banks, social services and schools within her community.Dawn is also a trained yoga teacher and practices the disciplines of Cranial Sacral Therapy and massage, and owner of Anahata. Mindfulness and Compassion is at the heart of everything Dawn offers. She has led retreats for 23 years, both in the UK and abroad, favouring her second home of Italy, and the wonderful In Sabina Yoga Retreat for its warmth, stillness and peace. Dawn is a mother of three, stepmother of three more, grandmother of two and a perpetual student saying, “ Life is always showing us ways to grow, love more and learn.”  When she isn’t working, being a mother, studying she can be found in her local woods or garden, making time to connect with the environment. Dawn is working on her first book, A Mindful Life and is excited to be part of the MindfulnessUK team.
Neil Atkinson

Neil is a Partner of MindfulnessUK